The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #108: Generations

General Introduction
– We’re back—at least some of us are
– Introducing Danny Anderson
– The Christian Humanist Empire expands
– Listener feedback

The Generation Gap
– The history of teenagers
– The widening of the gap
– Earlier generation gaps
– Technological speed
– Marketing and separate worlds
– The ‘20s and the ‘60s
– The Greatest Generation
– Retroactive definitions

Generational Literature
– Joy-Hulga rebels
– Humbert Humbert meditates
– Chabon snipes
– Roth on both sides
– A world of Rabbit Angstroms
– Generations in ethnic context
– Children of the gap

Generation X
– Rebelling against the rebels
– The Baby Busters
– Television and MTV
– The importance of irony
– Incredulity toward metanarratives
– Does the stereotype hold true?

– Marketing, marketing, marketing
– The changing narrative
– Generation X-Millennial relations
– 9/11 and the Internet
– Millennials and the Church

Critiquing the Notion
– Let’s not forget class and education
– One element among many
– Material conditions
– Some questions to consider


With respect to this American Conservative article by Gracy Olmstead. ( )Her article focuses on dissatisfaction with Evangelicalism, but I think that the issue is more than Evangelicalism’s shortcomings.I see a broader and more profound dissatisfaction with materialism, consumerism, and the cult of technology as fueling the return of Millennials to High-Church liturgy and membership in ancient Christian communities. What do you Christian Humanists think?