The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #109: Country Music

General Introduction
– No listener feedback
– Our sister podcasts

Our Stories with Country Music
– West Virginia immigrants
– Neo-Traditionalism
– Country music and the Klan
– The Dixie Chicks’ fall from grace
– Alternative country

The Sources of Country Music
– Transcending race but not class
– The coalescing of Old Time
– Hillbilly music and the recording industry
– (It’s actually Blue Yodel #9)

The Essence of Country Music
– Trap kits, guitars, singing
– Spoken-word country
– Shut your trap set, Gilmour
– Simplicity of structure
– Outsiders and purity

The Purity of Country Music
– With age comes canonicity
– Middle class respectability
– Celebratory or mournful
– Keith Urban has not always been crazy
– Farmer feebly pushes back
– Pardon me, I have someone to kill
– Whence the murder ballad?
– Purity as a marketing strategy
– Reactionary tendencies in country music

The Sociology of Country Music
– Establishing a consumer identity
– Shifts in trends and technology
– Country vs. hip-hop
American Idol as country tastemaker
– The Nashville Sound, Garth Brooks, and alternative country
– Country-rock

The Theology of Country Music
– Is it worth paying attention to?
– How heretical is it?
– Quality vs. purity
– Purposefully marginal positions
– Hip-hop vs. country again
– Country music’s Buddy Christ
– Claiming vegetable divinity with Josh Turner

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