The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #106: Witches

General Introduction
– The end of the season
– On doctoral regalia
– Summer courses
– Slightly less minor internet celebrities
– Ongoing projects

Witches in the Bible
– Saul and the non-witch of Endor
– Necromancy
– Countercultural power
– Not suffering chanters
– Other Ancient Near Eastern prohibitions
– State-sponsored sorcery

Greco-Roman Witches
– Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft
– Outskirts of official society
– Medea the murderess
– Barely controllable feminine power
– Circe the sorceress
– The Golden Ass
– New Testament witches?

Macbeth’s Witches
– The ambiguity of their actions
– Satan or Delphi
– Shakespeare’s modifications of the classical world
– How sexualized are the hags?

– What is it?
– Its role in Faust, Pt. 1
– Farcical parade of ideas
– Black Sabbaths in pop culture

Witch Trials
– As seen by Arthur Miller
– Confessing to different things
– Feminine power without witchcraft
– Is the play any good?
– Other treatments of the witch trials

Fairy Tale Witches
– Filtered through Disney
– How we misremembered Snow White
– Sexuality and the Disney witches
The Wizard of Oz
– Harry Potter’s non-impact

– A reclaiming of the margin
– Nathan insults Wiccans
– Historicizing Wicca
– Other pop-cultural locations
– Blaming sociology

Witches in the Modern World
– Shall we burn Harry Potter?
– Technology as witchcraft
– The egomaniacal mad scientist
– Historicize, historicize, historicize
– Taking the shortcut

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