The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #102: Elijah

General Introduction
– Presenting Dr. Farmer
– Listener mail
– Ronald Nash
– Will we resurrect the forums?

Elijah’s Etymology
– Changing names
– My God is YHWH
– Idolatry in the land
– Picking a fight by saying your name
– Was Elijah born this way?

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
– A plague of drought
– The contest of deities
– The fickleness of crowds
– Fire from the heavens
– Antimonies, not antipathies
– The hovering threat
– Elijah! Elijah!
– General unpleasantness
– Who is Jezebel?

The Still, Small Voice
– Various translations
– A return to Mt. Horeb
– What is Elijah thinking?
– Prophet of judgment, not reconciliation
– Bipolarity
– Meddling in international politics

Elijah’s Exit
– A standing appointment?
– Passing of the mantle
– Elisha and the bears
– Crazy hillbilly stuff

Elijah and the Messiah
– Malachi’s prophecy
– Where was Malachi?
– John the Baptist
– Herod’s John the Baptist Complex
– Transfiguration
– The Law and the Prophets
– The crucifixion

Prophets and Politics
– Civil Rights and the Emergent Church
– Speaking truth to power
– Does the term bother you?

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