The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #101: Modernism 101

General Introduction
– A note from the future: Michial passed his defense
– Listener feedback

World War I: A Hindenburg Overview
– And other material conditions
– Massive movements across borders
– Shock to optimism
– The League of Nations
– An unexpected cultural reference from Gilmour

Defining Our Terms
– David answers like a medievalist
– Privileging the here and now
– The irrevocable past
– Architectural terms
– Why begin with architecture?

Modernist Music
– Schoenberg’s mathematical music
– Trying to whistle Samuel Barber
– Return to previous conventions
The Rite of Spring
– Revolt against Romanticism
– We fight about modern music

Modernist Literature
– New times need new art
– Formal experiment
– Stream of consciousness
– The death of the idea
– The Modernist Novel
– Interactions with psychology
– Playing with time
– Fragmentation

Modernist Art
– Post-Impressionism
– Expressing emotions
– Pablo Picasso
– Painting aerial warfare
– Alienation of visual impression and ethical impact
– Geometric forms and abstraction
– Futurism
– Surrealism and the subconscious

Modernism and Tradition
– Make it new!
– Who is Eliot reacting to?
– What are we making new?
– A post-romantic moment

What Survived? What Should Have?
– The echo in theology
– Movie scores
– Erudition

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