The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #99: Online Education

General Introduction
– Ooh, he card read good!
– Listener feedback
– Amish on the beach
– We’re on Stitcher

The History of Distance Education
– Correspondence schools
– For-profit universities
– Dropout rates
– Pragmatic focus
– Night schools
– Radio and television
– Comic books

Techniques and Emulations
– The presence of multiple others
– Audio and text chat
– Variants
– Pre-loaded lectures
– Internet vs. lecture hall

Our Criticisms
– The connection to for-profit universities
– Inherent in the medium?
– The path of least resistance
– Brains in jars
– The discussion board and the seminar room
– Technical issues
– Godwin’s Law and the classroom
– Lack of motivation

Part-Time Online Education
– David gets monkish
– Be realistic
– Online education and the encyclopedia
– Different or inferior?
– Tragic decisions

– A glorified podcast?
– Khan Academy
– Vs. online classes
– Publicity for small schools

This Podcast
– Are we hypocrites?
– Half a MOOC
– What we intend to replace
– Educating the barbarians

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