General Introduction
– Spring Breaked, Spring Breaking, Will Spring Break
– No listener feedback

The Old 100th
– Which tune?
– A happy coincidence
– Defining our terms
– Words to frame God’s glory
– Biblical doxologies

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
– A broadening experience
– Our international outreach
– Our own relationships
– Three poles

Praise Him, All Creatures Here Below
– Is this project a form of praise?
– Nathan gets postmodern
– Geist and human consciousness
– A verbal act of resistance
– The God of the dilettantes

Praise Him Above, Ye Heavenly Hosts
– The Sacred Academe
– Our influences
– Getting universalist
– The monastic order of rhetoricians
– Baptizing the imagination

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
– Nathan talks about the Trinity
– Functions of the scriptural narratives
– Apophatic tap-dancing

– Let it be so
– A type of submission through assent
– More linguistics
– Praise as a method among methods
– A bout of sincerity
– Specificity is the soul of praise

2 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #100: Doxology”
  1. The world has only nothingness to offer in this life…. But the lord says that the eye has not seen nor has the ear heard, that which is prepared for those who Love Him… He is coming soon and His Reward is with Him…

  2. This world is only an illustion of of an Greater World… Where there does exsist meaning… Yeshus is The Narrow Gate thru which to enter… He is The Way to Father, The True Life with Meaning and The Truth in all Matters… There is No One Like Him!  Ask Him into your Heart today… While He can still be found.

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