I never wanted to have to make this announcement, but such is life.

As of this week, in accordance with the Federal Online Operations Law, the Christian Humanist Podcast will be required to spend at least a third of each episode’s minutes saying nice things about the current U.S. President and Senate, and encouraging people to obey their government.  Thus future episodes will be listed according to two subject matters, one of our choosing and one that our friends in Washington have encouraged us to discuss.  The format will look something like this:

  • Doxology/Why We Love our Commander in Chief
  • Online Education/ The Senate Has our Best Interests at Heart
  • Modernism/ Gratitude to the Senate Intelligence Committee for Making Hard Decisions
  • Elijah/ Every Good American Supports our President’s Federal Budget Proposal

The Federal Online Operations Law forbids that we announce ahead of time when in the episode that the support-your-country content occurs, so there won’t be any way simply to start at a certain minute-marker and avoid the material.  Also, if listeners start posting in the comments where to start listening to the material that CHP listeners tend to prefer, there’s the possibility that, according to the Assisting Podcasters’ Resistance In Lawlessness clause of the Federal Online Operations Law, we could lose our podcasting license.

We hope that not too many of you will find this too inconvenient.  Please let us know here that you support us and, of course, our beloved Federal regulators.

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