The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #90: The Crusades

General Introduction
– Dissertation guilt
– Listener feedback
– The Christian Humanist Chess League

Background to the Crusades
– The difficulty of Crusades history
– The build-up
– The Crown and the Church
– Do the Crusades make sense?
– Long memories and semi-legends
– Cairo, Baghdad, Turkey

Pope Urban II
– Is he worth defending?
– Slow-moving troops
– Urban’s famous sermon
– A sacramental journey
– Monstrous theology

The Third Crusade
– Giants in the land
– The end is the beginning
– Consolidating power
– Who was Richard?
– The irony and nostalgia of the Third Crusade

Robin Hood and the Crusades
– An ahistorical Robin Hood
– The Renaissance changes the story
– We complain about the Russell Crowe Robin Hood—again
– The skulking scumbags of society
– The evolution of the legend

Chanson de Roland
– The historical truth
– Mirroring between sides
– Misunderstanding Islam
– Turpin’s famous sermon
– Friendship amidst the bananas

Other Crusades
– The Children’s Crusade
– The Knights Templar
– Pre-Godwin’s Law
– Conspiracy theories galore

The Crusades and the 21st Century
– Religious wars are not novel
– Not a uniquely Christian problem
– Revisionist history
– No excuses

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