The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #86: Chess

General Introduction
– Facebook official
– No listener feedback—so write us!
– The Christian Dilettante Podcast

Our Own Experience With Chess
– Michial’s great victory
– David’s Duplo set
– On losing to children
– The aesthetics of chess
– Battle Chess
– Nathan the would-be grandmaster

The Chess Manual: A History
– But first, a Princess Bride joke
– The repetition of love
– Standard openings
– Fashioning a gentleman
– How to win without cheating

Wit and Chance
– Complication
– Fortuna can be kind
– Man or machine

Literary Chess
– The Hardy Boys find a missing trophy
– Chess on Mars
– Eliot’s multifoliate game at chess
– Vonnegut makes a truly awful opponent
– Nathan talks about The Wire again
– People we left out

In Soviet Russia, Chess Plays You!
– Subsidizing chess
– Kasparov as populist hero
– Bobby Fischer

The Game of Kings
– The lesson of the USSR
– David advocates for Risk
– Machiavelli ignores the game
– The true game of kings
– CHU curriculum

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