The Christian Humanist iPod Broadcast, Episode #63: Apocalypses

General Introduction
– Welcome to November, from October
– Michial’s one-man war on portmanteaux
– Buy our mugs! (I mean energy, not internet—we record early in the morning)
– Listener mail from a stranger
– Mad Dog! Mad Dog! Mad Dog!
– English accents
– What’s on the web log?

Defining the Apocalyptic
– Apocalyptic and prophetic
– The end as the beginning
– Post-apocalyptic as the really important thing
– Refuting Mad Max
– The prophetic voice and the unveiling

Biblical Apocalypse
– Prophecy or apocalypse?
– And apocryphal apocalypse
– Visionary, narrative, and eschatological
– Christ or violence

Apocalypse in the Ancient Near East
– Prophecy but not apocalypse
– Cyclical time
– The importance of monotheism
– Cyrus plays the system
– Zoroastrian apocalypse

Literary Apocalypses
– Dante gets the date wrong
– Ragnarok kills off the gods
– Giving Norse mythology a happy ending
– The Red Crosse Knight in the House of Holiness
– Dem bones rise up against Henry V
– Eliot and Yeats and how we misread them
– The modern American apocalyptic novel

Songs About the End of the World
– “The End”
– “Gimme Shelter”
– “Four Winds”

Final Thoughts
– Don’t get too hung up on interpretation
– Pay attention to literary form
– What comes after the end? . . .

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