The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #58: The Christian Right and the Christian Left

General Introduction
– The status of the forum
– What’s on the blog?
– We attack Robert Harrison

Christians in American Political History
– Lack of a national church
– The range of framer/father beliefs
– Religion as part of the “scrum”
– Christian abolitionists and Christian slavery apologists

The Social Gospel
– Walter Rauschenbusch
– Deciphering the theology
– What the Social Gospel sought
– Raschenbusch on the atonement
– Christian socialism
– D.L. Moody gets mad
– The dangers of rejection
– Embracing the complaints

The Born-Again President
– Why Evangelicals loved Jimmy Carter
– And why they turned on him
– The silent majority
– Personal and public morality
– Reagan’s rise

The Christian Right
– James Dobson and Focus on the Family
– David’s bonafides
– Public schools
– What have they accomplished?
– Church and State
– Why we need not fear a theocracy
– Daniel, the lion’s den, and civil disobedience

The Christian Left
– Where has it been?
– The Democratic Party at Prayer
– Where are the real leftists?
– Bush and Obama

The Tea Party and the Christian Right
– Who’s screening whom?
– And what is a dominionist, anyway?
– The tone-deafness of journalists
– The Tea Party hydra
– The role of the Internet

Shifting Priorities, Shifting Standards
– Who wants truth and accountability?
– Where principles hold
– Let’s argue about war!

Who’s More Aggravating?
– And what should a Christian attitude toward political parties look like?
– The Kansan concedes critiques of capitalism
– UGA conservatives?
– Gilmour plugs real leftists
– Michial’s overly grandiose pronouncement*

* If any of our listeners were thinking of responding to me on my obvious overstatement—Gilmour and Grubbs have already taken me to task for it. I recognize now, too late, that what I should say is that we should not allow our political parties to define our religion, not that we should avoid them altogether.

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