The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #57: Libraries

General Introduction
–  On professors and assistants
–  Prairie dogs
–  What’s on the blog?
–  More on Chris Gehrz, pietism, and education
–  The Christian Humanist Forum—coming soon!

Our Experience with Libraries
–  Sexy librarians
–  Arcane and hierarchical
–  A children’s endeavor?
–  Emmanuel’s claim to fame

Material Conditions
–  Disposable wealth
–  Political stability
–  Libraries in the ancient world
–  Getting away from wars

Benjamin Franklin
–  What Franklin didn’t do
–  The Junto
–  Public and private libraries
–  Franklin the inventor and booklender

Famous Libraries
–  The Library at Qumran
–  The New York Public Library
–  The Library of Congress
–  The Beast’s library
–  Wearmouth-Jarrow Library

Behind the Counter
–  Library Science
–  Nathan Gilmour, library carpenter
–  Gathering a breadth of interests
–  Contact with the public
–  The best story

Computers and the Library
–  The changing face of libraries
–  How killed the library
–  The role of public programs
–  Are libraries for children?
–  Library book sales

Virtual Libraries
–  The online database and the education bubble
–  The death of the academic journal
–  The internet and the small college
–  A hymn to JSTOR
–  The CCEL
–  Microfiche

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