The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #53: Welcome Back

General Introduction
– Allergic to Kansas
– The Land of the Ice and Snow
– Comments on the blog and elsewhere
The Conservative Reformed Mafia

The History of the Christian Humanist Podcast
– Who’s more technologically hip?
– Thanks, Tallahassee!
– How Grubbs came on board
– Our first episode and the hijinks thereof

Curator Episodes
– Literary Hell (1.10) and its awesome introduction
– Lopsided episodes and bastard children
– Literary Criticism (2.21)
– Plato (3.25)
– Friendship (3.26) and Gilmour’s inner Tripp Fuller
– Offstage, things were falling apart
– Our pilot episode (1.1)

Our Triptychs
– Movies (2.10.1-12)
– Music (3.32-33, 35)
– Richard Weaver (4.43-45)
– Listen as we divvy up this fall’s triptych!

It’s Fightin’ Time
– Nathan and David go at it over Judas (2.20)
– “That felt more like a fight than it sounded”
– Dialectic is not fighting!
– Nationalism (4.38) and the Death of Conservatism (2.13)
– David Grubbs sings!
– How we stack up against other shows in our format
– Voicing the disagreement

The Christian Humanist Blog
– Much less painful
– The temptation toward the personal
– Skirting controversy
– Going slowly and deliberately

Famous for Fifteen People
– Who are we? And who are you?
– Are we primarily theological or literary?
– Do we have atheist listeners?
– The potential for surprise

What Does the Future Hold?
– The Christian Humanist Journal?
– The Christian Humanist Conference?

How Has the Podcast Changed Our Thought?
– Iron sharpens iron
– What can the internet do?
– What can’t it do?
– Heavy-handed moderation

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