General Introduction
– Allergic to Kansas
– The Land of the Ice and Snow
– Comments on the blog and elsewhere
The Conservative Reformed Mafia

The History of the Christian Humanist Podcast
– Who’s more technologically hip?
– Thanks, Tallahassee!
– How Grubbs came on board
– Our first episode and the hijinks thereof

Curator Episodes
– Literary Hell (1.10) and its awesome introduction
– Lopsided episodes and bastard children
– Literary Criticism (2.21)
– Plato (3.25)
– Friendship (3.26) and Gilmour’s inner Tripp Fuller
– Offstage, things were falling apart
– Our pilot episode (1.1)

Our Triptychs
– Movies (2.10.1-12)
– Music (3.32-33, 35)
– Richard Weaver (4.43-45)
– Listen as we divvy up this fall’s triptych!

It’s Fightin’ Time
– Nathan and David go at it over Judas (2.20)
– “That felt more like a fight than it sounded”
– Dialectic is not fighting!
– Nationalism (4.38) and the Death of Conservatism (2.13)
– David Grubbs sings!
– How we stack up against other shows in our format
– Voicing the disagreement

The Christian Humanist Blog
– Much less painful
– The temptation toward the personal
– Skirting controversy
– Going slowly and deliberately

Famous for Fifteen People
– Who are we? And who are you?
– Are we primarily theological or literary?
– Do we have atheist listeners?
– The potential for surprise

What Does the Future Hold?
– The Christian Humanist Journal?
– The Christian Humanist Conference?

How Has the Podcast Changed Our Thought?
– Iron sharpens iron
– What can the internet do?
– What can’t it do?
– Heavy-handed moderation

2 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #53: Welcome Back”
  1. I should note (and should have while we were recording) that Homebrewed Christianity’s recent “Theology Nerd Throwdown” series shows a side of that show that’s refreshing to see–although my own theology and Tripp’s differ significantly (I tend to resonate with the Postliberal and Radical Orthodoxy projects, while he finds them too confining to be authentic postmodern theologies), his recent discussions of liberalism, evangelicalism, and other such theological “camps” have been lively and interesting. And beyond that, because Tripp isn’t concerned with making an interview subject comfortable, one can hear more of the Tripp-Fuller position in these recent episodes.

  2. Enjoyed the latest episode guys, and looking forward to what will undoubtedly be another interesting season. I’m particularly looking forward to the trilogy on Greek tragedy (took a minor in Classical Studies while pursuing my English and Linguistics degrees).

    Oh, and as much as I’m sure the three of you live very exciting lives, David, I’m much more interested in Michial’s philosophical musings than in “what happened to [him] today”. 🙂

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