General Introduction
–  What’s wrong with the blog?
  Our shame in the face of The Pietist Schoolman
  The perils of Internet celebrity
  Working on our Night Cheese

The History of the Book
–  Should you buy it?
–  What Nathan argues
–  How it got published

Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
–  Nested and side narratives
–  Who’s responsible for the Fall?
–  Feminism under the radar
–  Lanyer’s (lack of) influence

The Sequel to Paradise Lost
–  The Temple of Doom?
–  A series of stern lectures
–  Milton vs. Nicene Trinitarian Orthodoxy
–  The creeds and the Scriptures

Theological Dramatics
–  A quick correction
–  The believing writer and the dramatic text
–  The writer within the Body of Christ

Other Sources
–  “The Dream of the Rood”
–  Active martyrdom
–  The lessons of “The Pearl”
–  The heretical Christ stories of recent centuries
–  Taking stock of Dante

The Theologian and the Literary Critic
–  Where do they intersect?
–  The riddle of Stanley Fish
–  Theological implications of literary criticism
–  Can this work outside of New Historicism?
–  The critical mirror


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