The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #50: The Christian Humanist University

General Introduction
– In which we put Season 4 to bed
– David speaks in faith
– Listener feedback
– Looking for our most-distant listener
– We apologize for last week’s rabbit trails
– Nathan’s McLaren review fails to make significant waves
– How we plan to spend our summer vacation

Destroying the German University Model
– University as job-credential factory
– Academies vs. universities
– Research elevated over teaching
– The “Invisible Hand” mentality
– Over-specialization
– A disclaimer about the University of Georgia

Let’s Talk Teleology
– The history of the liberal arts
– Geographical specificity
– A helpful idealism
– Knowing a good bit about an awful lot

The Advantages of Majors
– The need for a center
– Transcendence and immanence
– The influence of graduate school
– The importance of the sciences

Core Curriculum
– Rolling the classes together
– The role of non-Western civilization
– Adding laboratories to the mix
– How would these classes be taught?

Student Spiritual Life
– Closing down the chapel on Sunday morning
– Chapel alternatives
– Small groups
– Burning out on church
– Chapel services for adults
– The priesthood of all professors

CHU Exclusivity
– Universities aren’t for everyone
– The ethics of open admission
– The admissions essay
– More work for professors
– Statements of faith for students and faculty

– Athlete/scholars
– Forced participation
– Why team sports are good for you

– The ideal campus
– Monastic architecture
– Aesthetics matter
– Breaking down the city walls
– Leisure-class faculty
Menand, Louis. The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University. New York: Norton, 2010.

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