General Introduction
– The Dennis Miller ratio
– What’s on the blog? And where’s that McLaren review?
– On the rhetoric trilogy
– A string of feel-good clichés

Beginning with the Personal
– David’s frequent road trips
– Nathan’s front porch
– Michial stays in the hotel room
– Planes, planes, planes
– Email us: Should Nathan have an in-car DVD player?

The Home/Road Dichotomy
– David free-associates
– Parochialism vs. cosmopolitanism
– Exile at home, exile on the road
– The travails of being a rock star
– The interdependence of the dichotomy

Biblical Folks on the Move
– Sojourning with the Hebrews
– Striving for the unseen
– Christian missionaries
– Psalms of Ascent and Psalms of Exile

Movement in the Middle Ages
– Viking as a gerund
– The pilgrimage
– Chintzy souvenirs and Medieval hipsters
– Margery Kempe as the first ugly American
– Class implications of pilgrimages
– The co-op pilgrimage

Renaissance and Enlightenment Travel
– Colonization as travel
– American exceptionalism
– The end of British colonialism (at least in the Americas)
– The need for European travel
– The other kind of colonialism

American Spatiality
– Vaguely Western and Southern movement
– From town to country
– The trucker movement and cowboy musicians
– American suburbs and highways
– Study-abroad programs and spring-break trips

– Spring break, Austen style!
– In which we get jealous of our rich students
– The Banana Family goes to Disney World
– Pilgrimages vs. vacations

1,000 Places to See Before You Die
– St. Augustine
– Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
– The mid-sized city


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2 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #47: Travel”
  1. “Istanbul was Constantinople”

    Somehow I KNEW y’all wouldn’t be able to make it past a reference to Istanbul without bringing that up!

    Fun Fact: Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it, I can’t say.

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