General Introduction
– What’s on the blog?
– The feud continues
– Polymathery

Cybernetics as Governance
– Not a portmanteau!
– Getting organized as a spiritual gift
– Rudder-steerer
– Modern definition
– Military purposes
– David Grubbs’s computer-programming past
– Feedback loops and exploding robot heads
– Cyborgs vs. androids

The Myth of Theuth
– Writing and memory
– Dialectic as a cure for writing
– The irony of the Phaedrus
– Writing as technology
– How providential is the time of Christ’s coming?
– (The use and misuse of providence)
– What are we giving away?

Cultural Cyborgs
– How the Tin Man became tin
Blade Runner complicates memory
– Poe tries to get funny
– Cybernetics, villains, and disability
– Are children afraid of Darth Vader?

Heidegger: The Video Game
– Is the Guitar Hero stage part of Dasein?
– The appeal of video games
– Expanding the world
– Heidegger’s hammer and the physical world
– Entering into stories

The Technological Classroom
– Look-up-ability
– Memorizing facts to connect facts
– Spell check—quelle horreur!
– Phone numbers and birthdays
– Our limitless memories
– Nathan’s inability to memorize Bible verses

Where Do We Draw the Line?
– Are eyeglasses cybernetic?
– Resisting technology
– Why you never shed human limits
– Technology is part of humanism
– Breaking cell phones

The Takeaway Point
– Humanity doing its job
– Avoid idolatry
– Grace and avenues of it
– Breaking the mind/body dualism
– Be willing to change your anthropological model



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