2 thoughts on “Little Shop of Linkers”
  1. From the Wright article:
    “I’ve held on to the essential spirit of Skinner — which, I now see, was also the spirit of my father. By that I don’t mean anti-intellectualism as much as a bedrock pragmatism. Got a problem? Analyze it as cleanly as possible, and then, having seen its roots, solve it. And don’t waste time dropping the names of any fancy French philosophers.”

    No, I’m pretty sure that’s just plain anti-intellectualism.

    And, in the spirit of the snake eating it’s own tail:
    “And once you’ve reduced a philosophical intuition to a mere instinct, a product of our species’ natural history, its rightness, in my view, comes into question.”

    So what happens if I can argue that Wright’s own position has its roots in evolved cognitive/motivational factors?

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