Some of our readers might have noticed some changes in the right-hand margin, most notably that we’re now prominently sporting a Christian Century logo.  Since I did not mention this change when it first happened, I should say a bit about the move.

First, readers who know the Century and fear that we’re “going liberal” or something like that need not fear: the editor of the blog list made the decision to make us part of that blog network after taking a look at what we’d already written in our year-long run, and since they’re dedicated as a publication to putting forth a broad picture of Christian intellectual life, they decided that our writing, traditionalist and evangelical though it is, fits their mission.  Furthermore, joining their network required from us a commitment to post once per week (which we do anyway) but no restrictions on our content.  As part of their network, our posts will become part of their aggregate blog feed, and they will be scanning our articles to see whether they want to feature any of our articles on their magazine’s main website.

My own hope in jumping in on their project is that more readers from liberal and post-liberal backgrounds might come over here and jump in on the intelligent discussion and principled disagreement that makes our readers the best on the Internet.  We might just end up teaching one another a thing or two.

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