The Christian Humanist, Episode #28.1: Heidegger

General Introduction
– Where’s David Grubbs?
– A change in plans
– Listener feedback
– Forgive our pink noise (it goes away quickly, I promise)

Reading Being and Time
– The heady days of spring 2009
– Why we’re both incompetent

Heidegger’s Position in Philosophical History
Gilgamesh and death
– Finitude as definition of everyday existence
– Augustine, Heidegger, and curiosity
– The order of human existence
– Bracketing eternity
– A new kind of destruction
– Heidegger, existentialism, and phenomenology
– Truth as not-ignoring and margin-walking

Our Relationship to Our Own Histories
– …And in this corner, the American dream
– Our existence in history
– Thrownness and tradition
– Why you must both contribute and break
– Sartre takes it further
Religion as a dirty word

Heidegger’s Rejection of Descartes
Cogito or Dasein
– Equipmental and systematic being
– Choosing one’s own being
– How obvious is this?
– Heideggerian linguistics
– Hubert Dreyfus and his robots

– Life lived in the face of death
– Why you can’t live every day like you’re dying tomorrow
– The difference between “Everyone dies” and “I will die”
– Teenagers should read Being and Time
– What about the afterlife?

Heidegger’s Grand Sin
– Yes, he was a Nazi
– Who’s tempted today?
– Show me the Nazis
– Why are philosophers so horrified?

How Can Christians Read Heidegger?
– A chilling portent of things to come!
– How humanism can help with this question
– Heideggerian truth and why it’s important
– Theology in the Heideggerian tradition
– The Emergent concern with authenticity

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