The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 15: Youth Ministry

This week’s music is, of course, “Teenage Wasteland” by The Who, suggested by David Grubbs.

General Introduction
– Response to Jeff Wright
– What’s on the blog?

The Strain and the Disdain
– Autobiographical matters
– Michial tiptoes around insulting youth ministers
– Nathan remains sanguine

The Modern Teenager
– 1950s rock and roll rebellion
Catcher in the Rye and On the Road
– The ‘60s blow it all to hell
– True confessions of a rebel without a clue

Going Backwards in Time, Man
– The Medieval Teenager
– Duchesses and kings
– Bar mitzvahs
– The Victorian era and the modern childhood
– Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?

The Autobiographical Stuff
– Growing out of it
– Too many questions
– Games, games, games. And vomit.
– Why Nathan liked youth group

Homeschoolers and Youth Groups
– David Grubbs: homeschool pioneer
– Youth group as friend factory
– Militant spitters and militant splitters

Mainline vs. Evangelical Youth Groups
– Why Michial is the wrong person to ask
– Where’s the hard sell?
– Help us, Wayne Peacock. You’re our only hope.

Rumspringa; or, The State of Mississippi Ain’t Nearly as Forgiving
– How do you prepare teenagers to preserve Christian disciplines in college?
– Sin so that grace might increase
– A theological or sociological model?

When Do You Indoctrinate Your Children?
– Michial and David bow out
– Storytelling over indoctrination
– Why Micah Gilmour is a missionary field, not an extension of his father’s personality

– What Christian college teachers want your youth group to know
– Quit being so combative
– Tolerate questions
– More theology than waterparks
– Merge schoolwork with theology
– No exclusion
– (Nathan gets obsequious)
– Teach science

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Salinger, J.D. The Catcher in the Rye. New York: Little, Brown, 1991.

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