The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 14: Origin Stories

The music this week is Bruce Cockburn’s “Creation Dream,” from Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws (1979).

General Introduction
– Reader feedback
– What’s on the blog this week?

The Genesis Account of Creation
– When did we first encounter it?
– Oh, those strategic bushes!
– We take another shot at Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf
– The Breeches Bible
– We plan Nathan’s first book

Scholarly Approaches to Bereshith
– Is the first clause independent or dependent?
– A plurality of versions of every story
– The “telescope” theory
– Other creation stories in the Hebrew Bible

Extrabiblical Ancient Creation Stories
Enuma Elish
The Rig Veda
– What do we have to fear from these similarities?

New Testament Creation Accounts
– What does John 1 add?
– Christ as the “first fruit of creation” and “wisdom of God”

Greco-Roman Creation Stories
– Plato’s Timaeus
– How do the Gospels react to Platonic ideas?
– Where does John get his Logos language?
– Hesiod and Ovid
– Love as the first element

English Creation Stories
– Caedmon’s Hymn
– Anthropocentrism
– Why Caedmon is not the first English poet
– Mystery plays
Paradise Lost: Milton’s hedged bets

Where Have All the Creation Stories Gone?
– The Enlightenment
– Romantic individualism
– Post-Darwin literature
– Evangelical anxiety
– Lewis and Tolkein
– Hesitancy as hallmark of modern creation story
– Scientific origin stories

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creation Stories
– A call for humility
– Making doctrine out of poetry
– The multiplicity of stories


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