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This fun session will be the penultimate Theology Beer Camp episode.  (The last one is going to take some work before I send it out, and you’ll know why when you listen.)  Before the event even started, Todd Littleton of Patheological suggested to me that we do some sort of crossover recording.  I thought the idea was groovy, and we arrived together at the subject matter of what practices, in the church and in the college, are going to be most helpful for living faithfully in our own historical moment.

Then we met Jason Micheli and Teer Hardy of Crackers and Grape Juice and told them about the idea, and they thought it would be fun to join in.

Then Eric Hall joined us, and we learned that he was all about theological ethics, and we invited him.  (It didn’t hurt that he’s almost as big a Socrates nerd as Nathan Gilmour.)  Now we were up to three podcasts and five microphones, all getting ready to talk about formative practices for living faithfully in the Trump era.

Then, when we showed up to record, who was there to join us but Luke Norsworthy of Newsworthy with Norsworthy fame!

So settle in and listen to what happens when four podcasts, six thinkers, and one strange historical moment come together in Tripp Fuller‘s office.  (He does have a rather large office.)

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