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  1. Thank you so so much for the Christian Feminist Podcast! I felt like a bad Christian because I am a feminist. Thanks for helping me be able to stay in faith and be true to my feminine self.

  2. This is for Michael Farmer.
    You recently shared on a Profiles episode I think a out your experience entering into a church at St John’s College. When you told that story, it reminded me of Thomas Merton’s description of his first visit to Gethsemani Abbey. He wrote that it was like discovering the center of the universe. Thank you for being brave enough to say that aloud, those kinds of moments can be difficult speak.
    Also wanted to recommend an album in case you have never heard it. It’s by Jessi Colter, The Psalms. It is, hands down (or lifted up, whatever you prefer), the most unique and beautiful selection of Psalms set to music I have ever heard. I find it difficult to stop thinking about what it has made me feel and etching about. It is a prayer. The music is, I promise, not what you are imagining when you read Jessi Colter. It is shaped and composed and is in constant dialogue with a vocal performance that makes me weak and grateful. If you happen to hare it, that’s okay. I’ll just have to suffer knowing you’re wrong. Please take care, you and Victoria, on this new unwinding of your journeying into the Lord.

  3. Sisters! I feel a, strong allegiance as transgendering woman, to the valiant women in Women and the Church in Church of England. I simply as pauper lack the money to give to satiety to this group but love the way “on Gog Magog Street” they aspire to ‘dynamite’ it would seem the inherent Old Boys whose family ‘endowment’ and ‘the living’ vicarage of Anglicanism (here this side of the Pond, there in particular please make, Women, God a Woman, turn Jesus into MMagdalene’s cuk, and make birthing the Job1 Anglican spirituality, for as St. Bob Dylan teacheth “[S]he not busy being born is buy dying…” I would love to hear from such empowered fems: email=>vernonlynnstephens@gmail.com phone 1 [502] 356-7491

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