David Grubbs leads Nathan Gilmour and Michial Farmer in the first of three discussions of Jedediah Purdy’s st-paul-preaching-at-athens-cartoon-for-the-sistine-chapel.jpg!Large1999 book For Common Things.

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 187: For Common Things, Chapters 1-2”
  1. Michael is right about The Simpsons. Part of the reason Family Guy is so bad is that just takes the cynicism from The Simpsons and turns it up to 11 with nothing else beneath the surface. The Simpsons are dysfunctional but still love each other, especially in the first 8 or so seasons – Family Guy is just cruel.
    Another famous saying by the writers of Seinfeld is “it’s about nothing”!

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