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Ed Song and Coyle Neal take on the contested category we call conservatism in this pair of City of Man episodes.  If you’ve not been over to iTunes yet, subscribe now, and start enjoying your new favorite politics podcast!

Episode 2 Show Notes

Conservatism: History and Definition

What is Conservatism?

Where does conservatism come from?

The French Revolution and abstraction
Democratization in the 19th century
Fragmentation in the 20th Century

What do conservatives believe?

Kirk’s six canons
Viereck on change: never change vs. slow change

A digression on and discussion of policy

Books/individuals mentioned during the podcast:

Episode 3 Show Notes

Breakfasts, Cereal, and general pleasantries

Recap from last time, Kirk’s Canons

Incrementalism and Subsidiarity

Odds and Ends

Problems with conservatism

What conservatism is good for

Books/Readings Mentioned in the Episode

2 thoughts on “City of Man, Episodes 2 and 3: What Is Conservatism?”
  1. Not a bad start.  Song occasionally slipped into the “Progressive smugness” mode of discourse and threatened to reframe the episodes into “What is <i>wrong with</i> Conservatism.”  Those asides were somewhat obtuse but, for the most part, were at least on point.  It was nice to hear him, though, make a diagnosis I frequently make myself but rarely hear from others:  Libertarian ideology is best understood as fundamentalist Modernity.

  2. RobertPankey Thanks for the comment. I apologize for coming across as smug. This is actually something that I am concerned about because civility is an extremely important part of our mission and it is important to us that we don’t demonize or disrespect the other, even as we try to have incisive conversations.

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