This is Nathan Gilmour again. The telethon continues.

The reason that your podcast program is going nuts today is because, in our process of migration, we had to re-assign the web address of every episode of every show that we’ve ever recorded.
When your podcast program picked that change up, it saw up to 400 new episodes ready for download (depending on how many shows you subscribe to) and tried to download ALL OF THEM.

There are a bunch of you, and a bunch of shows (25 GB worth if you count our whole network), and every server has its limits. So we ask again that, if your machine is trying to download the whole catalog, please cancel the downloads (except for episodes you want to hear again) so that our server can get out of overload mode. When enough people do this, we’ll be able to gauge whether we need more server power or if we’re still just dealing with the initial explosion of downloads due to over-eager machines. Until we have a sense that we’re dealing with real levels of demand, we won’t know what steps to take next.

Thank you for your patience!


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