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Merry Christmas!

In lieu of our normal Christmas episode this year, the Christian Humanist Radio Network is offering you an experimental group of episodes, each with a special crossover cast.  The subject matter for all three will be Firefly.

This episode features The Christian Humanist Podcasts’s Nathan Gilmour, The Christian Feminist Podcast’s Alexis Neal, and The Book of Nature’s Charles Hackney.

During the course of the show we make reference to some blog posts by Charles.  If you’re inclined to read them, you can do so here:

  1. Firefly and the Psychology of Religion
  2. Our Father, who Ain’t Good for Much
  3. We Are Just Too Pretty for God to Let Us Die
  4. God Ain’t Welcome
  5. Where Do We Go from Here?

Alexis also mentioned the burgeoning Buffy Studies corpus, and you can read up on that at these links:

She also recommends this recap of the Serenity film:

Alexis also recommends this link on teenage girls and language more generally (I seem to have forgotten that some podcasts end with recommended reading.  Mea culpa.)

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #178: Firefly”
  1. One correction: I refer to the celebration of the Alliance victory as VA Day. I was wrong, and six points should be deducted from my Nerd Cred Score. It’s called Unification Day. My apologies.

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