General Introduction
– A bunch of listener feedback
– Nathan defends the dark ages
– Is country music rural?
– More on metamodernism
– Signifying rappers with David Foster Wallace
– Episodes on spiritual disciples?
– David Godot

The Gay Science
– Translating fröliche
– Shattering boundaries
– Nietzsche and homosexuality
– The dismal science
– The madman and his audience
– Buddha’s shadow
– Matthew Arnold vs. Friedrich Nietzsche
– Why God isn’t a very good British liberal

The Über-Mensch
– A move beyond goodness
– The blond beast
– Slave and master morality
– Nietzsche and the Nazis

Time Magazine
– What Altizer said
– Tillich’s God beyond God
– Ultimate concern
– There goes our clean rating
– Erring with Mark C. Taylor

God is Dead in the Church
– Anti-intellectualism
– Decontextualization
– Dropping the chalk
– The UGA Science Faculty

God’s Not Dead
– Boycotting bad lyrics as well
– A poetic reading of “God’s Not Dead”
– Key change!
– As for the movie . . .
– Not bad thinking—no thinking
– Intellectual pornography

The Takeaway
– Nathan and Danny’s couples costume
– Education as disorientation
– The special challenges of the Christian college
– Decentering and recentering the world
– Trillich
– Taking it on its own terms

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