• When was the Third Wave?
  • Why was the Third Wave?
  • Pop culture and “The personal is political.”


  • Laurie was a punk rocker: anger, class consciousness, and feminism
  • Punk girlfriends and the human coatrack
  • Musicianship is secondary to participation
  • Victoria gets to riot grrrl by way of Shakespeare
  • The problem of riot grrrl in 10 things I hate about you
  • Riot grrrl and DIY
  • The democratization of music
  • Riot grrrl and zines
  • Reclaiming labels
  • Does reclamation really work?
  • Performing transgression
  • Possible Christian responses to riot grrrl
  • A different perspective on Proverbs 31
  • Pat Robertson vs the feminist lesbian witches
  • Christian privilege and intersectional identities
  • From riot grrrl to girl power
  • Riot grrrls as off-putting or militant
  • Lack of intersectionality within the movement
  • Tumblr and the future of feminist discourse

Passing On







7 thoughts on “The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #3.1: Third Wave and Riot Grrrl”
  1. Another great episode, ladies. Marie’s discussion of Tumblr as the new zine culture was very perceptive and interesting!

  2. Good episode all round, folks!  I’m especially interested in the conversation about the appropriation of insult-words, and I share your concern about the careless throwing-about of the b-word, the c-word, and the s-word to score “shock points.”  I don’t know if this marks me merely as squeamish or if something else is going on, but in recent months, when liberal dudes threw around the compound “s***-shaming,” for the sake of scoring rhetorical points against more conservative folks, without qualification or apology, I’ve gotten more than uneasy–I don’t think they’re at all the folks who get to choose whether those words belong in public discourse.
    Now I should also note that yes, I did do a parody piece, on this site, making fun of folks who use that compound word, so I’m not uninvolved either.  But I was glad to hear your examination of that phenomenon.

  3. ngilmour Thanks, Nathan. Reclamation is a tricky issue, and I’m glad you thought we handled it fairly. Re: sl*t-shaming: we’re thinking of doing an episode on the rise of the term and what it says about women’s bodies in public places.

  4. VictoriaReynoldsFarmer ngilmour 
    Yes. It’s VERY tricky.  In a pickup basketball game decades ago my friend was the only white guy on a team and his team mate called him N* after he mad a difficult shot! His friend laughed at him for calling my friend N*.  It was all in good fun. But lots of older African Americans who have been through the wars hate that word, much like Laurie’s response  to the C-word.  You have to be very careful when attempting to do this, and I think you have to be prepared some powerful responses pro and con.

    On another note, I thought y’all had some great things to say about grrrl power. Again, I think it’s wonderful that Grrrl power empowers women to join in, participate and be unafraid. But at some point I think folks will judge but hopefully not be judgmental. So I would say yes we can all have grudge or Punk Rock bands in our garage, but when we take the stage our art will be judged, and rightly so. We can all make art, but we cannot all be artists.

    Really a great Podcast.  Can’t wait for the next episode!

  5. RE: Laurie’s (?) claim that nothing is more punk than Christianity:

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