Among Evangelicals, John Wesley should need no introduction. A preacher, missionary, theologian,and hymn-writer, Wesley was one of those voices that shook the Enlightened eighteenth century awake, and his call for authentic faith and authentic holiness was heard on both sides of the Atlantic. Wesley’s radical methods and polemical fervor met with enthusiasm and antagonism, and his reputation as a polarizing figure is as much an enduring part of his legacy as the Wesleyan denominations and hymns.

Yet Biola University’s Fred Sanders thinks Evangelicals need to be introduced to John Wesley again. Moving beyond the perception of Wesley as founder of Methodism and nemesis of Calvinism, Sanders’s new book, Wesley on the Christian Life, presents John Wesley as a wise and sound spiritual guide for Evangelicals of all stripes. Dr. Sanders is our guest for this episode of Christian Humanist Profiles. Thanks for listening!

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