General Introduction
– Yet more weather talk
– Light and heavy episodes
– Books for aspiring seminarians
– Listener feedback

Historical Background
– The dedicatory epistle
– Flattering the pope
– Attacking the Holy See
– Early and late Luther
– Knowing your audience
– Is Luther being ironic?

Faith and Works
– The indulgence system
– External and internal
– Faith as the gift of acceptance
– The purpose of the Law
– Does he ever really explain faith?
– Nathan complicates the Law

Luther as Preacher
– Christ is not the moral exemplar
– Don’t abandon the Gospel
– Womanish absurdities
– Nietzsche’s Jesus
– Promoting faith
– Only love can change a heart
– The influence on Philip Cary

Works and Goodness
– Whence virtue ethics?
– Environment again
– Why he’s not an antinomian
– What’s done without faith is sin
– Can habits bring faith?

Subject to All and None
– Inner and outer man
– Fighting antinomianism
– Where virtue enters
– A false dichotomy?
– Luther’s glorious ethics

Other Things
– Luther and ritual
– The kingdom of God is at hand
– Free to do good

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