General Introduction
– More weather talk
– Feed problems

Not Etymology but History
– David turns to the OED
– The Enlightenment
– Byron’s parody
– Intellectual vs. physical
– Other terms and overlaps

Intellectual, Scholar, Academic, Man of Letters
– Defined against one another
– Ranges of interests
– Career tracks
– Levels of specialization
– Rhetorical performances
– What to do with scientists?

“The Twilight of the Intellectuals”
– None of us have read the book it’s reviewing
– Political ideologies
– Practical considerations
– Outside the system
– Intellectual and prophet
– Capitalism and ideology
– The intellectual’s pragmatic value
– The New Left and activism
– Whence conservative intellectuals?

Christian Intellectuals
– How to stand outside and affirm doctrines?
– Oppositional disciplines
– How many kinds of intellectuals?
– Strangers and aliens
– David goes Van Til
– Leaning or standing
– A troubled faith

We Advocate
– Augustine as outsider
– Driven nuts by David Brooks
– Spanning the Academy and the street
– Sorry, First Things

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