General Introduction
– Presenting Dr. Farmer
– Listener mail
– Ronald Nash
– Will we resurrect the forums?

Elijah’s Etymology
– Changing names
– My God is YHWH
– Idolatry in the land
– Picking a fight by saying your name
– Was Elijah born this way?

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
– A plague of drought
– The contest of deities
– The fickleness of crowds
– Fire from the heavens
– Antimonies, not antipathies
– The hovering threat
– Elijah! Elijah!
– General unpleasantness
– Who is Jezebel?

The Still, Small Voice
– Various translations
– A return to Mt. Horeb
– What is Elijah thinking?
– Prophet of judgment, not reconciliation
– Bipolarity
– Meddling in international politics

Elijah’s Exit
– A standing appointment?
– Passing of the mantle
– Elisha and the bears
– Crazy hillbilly stuff

Elijah and the Messiah
– Malachi’s prophecy
– Where was Malachi?
– John the Baptist
– Herod’s John the Baptist Complex
– Transfiguration
– The Law and the Prophets
– The crucifixion

Prophets and Politics
– Civil Rights and the Emergent Church
– Speaking truth to power
– Does the term bother you?

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        1. RobertPankey ngilmour I’ll be.  Give me a few hours–I’ll check this from my home computer when I get home.  (We’re about to start recording right now.)

        2. RobertPankey ngilmour In the meantime, use the “Podcast RSS” link in the right margin.  It’s our direct link to our FeedBurner page, and it’s got the episode.

  1. ChenBuLei Nice catch!  As one of Dr. Mouw’s recent Books and Culture essays indicates, he does at least occasionally read this site, so it’s nice to see that he shares my concerns about “the prophetic” as a partisan political bludgeon.

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