I really must apologize for recent difficulties with our comment functions. For some reason everything, even comments from Michial and David and me, was going to spam.

I installed LiveFyre comments, which worked well enough to fix things.  But then I got overconfident and thought I’d fixed the normal WP comments.  And, predictably, everything went into spam again.

This morning I re-activated LiveFyre, which should fix some of our comment woes, but unfortunately, those comments made between LifeFyre activations have disappeared.  I’ve attempted to restore some of them.

For now, we’ll stick with LiveFyre, and hopefully that will solve some of the comment mysteries.  Please do keep reading and responding!

2 thoughts on “Comment Woes”
  1. Ah, some time ago I made some comments on the Brothers Karamazov episode, and they never appeared.  I assumed you were having comment issues.  Thanks for the update!

  2. I am sorry to red that, Dan.  As I said, I tried going into the spam folder regularly to “fish out” the real stuff, but obviously I didn’t catch all of it.  Here’s hoping that livefyre helps out on that front.

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