General Introduction
– David’s new baby
– Last weeks of the semester
– Bewildering listener feedback
– A plug from Homebrewed Christianity

– 9/11
– Bush vs. Gore
– The rise of Fox News
– The origin of red and blue states

The Division
– Haves and also-haves
– City and country
– Religious divides
– Humility and egotism

Ten Years On
– The spread of NASCAR
– When partisanship gets dangerous
– High-spending Republicans
– Who’s driving the party?
– Regional differences

Good and Bad Partisanship
– Stuff can’t get done
– Why gridlock is good

Blue Islands in Red Oceans
– Students and professors
– Where professors live
– Who else votes democrat?
– The UGA suburb machine
– Why don’t college students vote?

The Upcoming Election
– Blurgh
– Nathan’s endorsement
– Who will win in November?

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