General Introduction
– Where’s Grubbs?
– Listener feedback
– Thanks to CWC

What’s So Outrageous?
– Empirical verifiability
– The problems with this model
– A rabbit trail about rhetoric
– Everyone else’s assumptions
– Scientism in the 21st century
– Self-policing, not persecution

How Viable Is Postmodernism?
– Depends on your discipline
– Poststructuralists’ aging out
– Interdisciplinary cultural studies
– Critical theory vs. poststructuralism
– Internalization

The Golden Rule of Scholarly Discourse
– Cut the slack to others you would want cut for yourself
– Decrying atomism
– Potshots galore!
– Gilmourism vs. atomism
– Nothing buttery on either side

Methodological Secularization
– Methodological naturalism
– Specialization
– Chicks dig the long ball
– Historicize! Historicize!
– The abuse of subjectivity

What We’d Add
– The role of Christian colleges
– The role of scholarship in the Christian college

Prognostication and Evaluation
– Christian networks in secular schools
– But how will the Academy change?
– The state university in decline
Berlin, James. Rhetoric and Reality: Writing Instruction in American Colleges, 1900-1985. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois UP, 1987.

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