General Introduction
– David’s baby
– On Philip Cary
– Toccoa Falls vs. Emmanuel

Autobiography Pre-Augustine
– Caesar in the third person
– Presenting the self as persona
– St. Paul’s miniature autobiographies
– Marcus Aurelius thanks his friends
– Old Testament sources

Augustine’s Confessions
– God and the I
– Starting at the beginning (the very beginning!)
– Arrogance and humility
– Theological reality as context
– The philosophical books
– The self as allegory

Biography, Autobiography
– The inward turn
– Memory and conscience
– Competitive urges
– What authority?

The Enlightenment Autobiography
– Reason and faith
– Didacticism
– The social biography
– The slave narrative
– Empiricism

The Contemporary Memoir
– What should we expect from it?
– The memoirist’s obligation to his readers
– The memoirist’s obligation to his friends
– To what does the autobiographer owe allegiance?
– The didactic novel

Our Recommendations
– Stanley Hauerwas
– C.S. Lewis
– Margery Kempe
– Frederick Buechner

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