We’ve started to garner some recognition from other sites.  Anne, from Anne is a Man! (a podcast review site) gave us a good review back at the end of December.

We also got word from Guide to Online Schools today that we made their list of Top Philosophy Podcasts. We’ve even got a medal to show for it!  (The medal will now appear at the bottom of the page, if you want to see it after this post migrates off of the front page.  I knew you’d want to know that.)

[6/7/13: Guide to Online Schools has de-activated the list of Top Philosophy Podcasts, so per their request, I have likewise de-activated the link and taken down the badge.]

5 thoughts on “So I Guess I've Got that Going for Me”
  1. Wow – their description of the podcast is…what’s the word…a little insulting to the rest of us? “This site basically functions to highlight an interesting combination: a devout Christian and a thoughtful thinker.”

    On the other hand, I guess that is a pretty rare combination. Congrats on the recognition!

  2. Devon, the description to which you point does remind me of Chris Rock’s old stand-up bit about Colin Powell and the strange compliments people pay him. That said, since we’re relatively new players on the scene, I’m glad for the exposure and the recognition no matter how strange the compliments seem.

  3. Given the number of atheist podcasts on that list, I’m not surprised they’re surprised.

  4. I actually read a report on Leiter’s site (one of my favorite philosophy blogs) that something like 73% of philosophers active in 2010 are atheists, so that might account as well for why a trio of English teachers made their list. 🙂

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