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The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 118: The Intersectional Politics of Dolly Parton

Stream or Download This Episode Knowing Why this episode now A very short bio of Dolly How we’re structuring the episode Reading Dolly’s Faith “Hello God” and “The Seeker“ “She’s Alive” from Dolly Parton’s America Dolly as LGBTQ+ Ally “Dollitics” from Dolly Parton’s America “Two Doors Down” “Two Doors Down” from Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings Dolly…

City of Man, Episode 68: The Roots of Country Music

Download or Stream this Episode In today‚Äôs episode, Coyle launches a new CoM mini series on country music. Coyle chats with Danny Anderson of the Sectarian Review Podcast, and Michial Farmer, from the Christian Humanist Podcast about Country Western Music and the influences that shaped it. Mentioned in the Episode: Jimmie Rodgers Carolina Chocolate Drops…

Sectarian Review 8: Merle Haggard

Download or Stream this Episode Danny Anderson is joined by the Christian Humanist Podcast’s Michial Farmer and are joined by special guest….Mike Farmer, Michial’s dad! Join in for a nostalgic discussion about a true American master, the late, great Merle Haggard.What exactly made this former criminal and hobo a musical genius? Listen for some answers.