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The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #91: Dystopias

General Introduction – Being-towards-the-end-of-semester – Emmanuels far and near – Thanks, Theology Nerd Throwdown! – Chess update What is a Dystopia? – Topos – Utopias and dystopias – The great temptation – Distinctions Premodern Dystopias – No, not really – Pre-dystopian Thebes – Gods and ideologies – The role of technology – The Persia of…

Linking Around the Room

the art of theory, a recently-launched online journal of political theory (the inaugural issue’s roundtable on Adam Smith looks interesting) A call for more graduate students to study the history of philosophy What the Rob Bell circus is doing to normal, working preachers An online debate about teaching pop culture in writing courses

Link Elephants on Parade

How Moby-Dick prefigures Nietzsche. Alasdair Macintyre criticizes Research-I universities for not really being universities. Jay Bennet, Super-Calvinist, says, “Get the Christ out of Christmas!” A Message from your University President (parody or prophecy?) James K.A. Smith on the Secularization of Thanksgiving (a couple weeks late) John Milbank connects the secular, mediation, and the global Pentecostal…