• Introductions
  • First impressions
  • Background on Other Feminisms and Leah Sargeant


  • How is the newsletter structured? What sort of community and what sort of thought does that structure encourage?
  • Why might it be valuable to expand the scope of feminism as most people define it to include issues of life and euthanasia?
  • Same question, but for the boyhood issues raised in the education issue.
  • One of the things that made me a paid subscriber is how Sargeant incorporates past reader comments into future issues. Were there any particular comments that stood out to you as thought-provoking?

Passing On

Alexis: Aging with Grace: Flourishing in an Anti-Aging Culture ; For the Children’s Sake (also AmblesideOnline or Charlotte Mason’s 6-volume set 🙂 )

Sarah: Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary by Brant Pitre

Victoria: Building the Benedict Option by Leah Sargeant

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