Newspaper add for 1925 film "Charley's Aunt"

Laurie Norris, Katie Grubbs, and Victoria Reynolds Farmer discuss changing views of what it means to be an ‘auntie’ these days, as well as some of their favorite aunts from pop culture


  • What does being an “Auntie” imply?
    • What are our relationships to “Auntie-hood”? 
    • Old stereotypes about Aunts
    • New paradigms like the “Auntie With No Kids”
      • BBC article: ‘Aunt with no kids’: The women redefining family roles


  • Our “favorite” famous Aunties!
    • Laurie’s are Aunt Viv and Aunt Jane
    • Katie’s are Bertie’s Aunts
    • Victoria’s are Aunt Polly and Aunt Lydia
  • Lightning Round! What are your “auntie goals”?

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