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I’m old enough to remember when the popular press painted philosophy professors as peddlers of postmodernism, heedless of truth and its value and dedicated only to displays of cleverness at the expense of real knowledge.  

Then, as sometimes happens in wars and culture wars, alliances shifted.  Now a new and pervasive post-truth era has descended on us not from the ivory tower but from the radio tower, followed by cable news, then to Web and social media and eventually from the White House itself.  And a good question to pose at this point might be, “What should we do about this?”
Drs. Steven Nadler and Lawrence Shapiro, a pair of philosophy professors,  propose some answers in their new book When Bad Thinking Happens to Good PeopleBoth Steve and Larry had planned to chat with me, but the latest Greek-letter variant of Covid has kept Steve from joining us.  Steve, we wish you a speedy recovery.

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