Christian Feminist Podcast -Episode 132 Derry Girls

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Who are these girls and how do they relate to each other? 

  • Brief mention of each “girl” and their character: Erin, Orla, Michelle, Clare, and James


Series 1 episodes 1-3 – First episode (Sara)

  • 2 jobs and chip shop,(Victoria)
  • 3 weeping statue (Sarah)

Series 2 episodes 1,5  

  • Hands across the barricade (Sara)

– prom (Victoria)


Briefly summarize episodes, please pick one if you have a favorite


Which episodes left the biggest impression on you?  Which is your favorite?




How much Irish history do you need to know?


How much Catholicism?


Is religion presented as a positive?


Which character do you relate to most?


Are any of their experiences familiar to us? If so, why?


Why all the cursing?


What kind of humor is presented?


Passing On


Sarah: The Kids Are Alright (the TV show, about a Catholic family living in California during the 1970s)


Victoria: The music of The Cranberries, particularly Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We, featuring “Dreams” and “Linger.”


Sara – Flea Bag – free-spirited and sexuallly free woman living in London – essentially the character of Michelle.


By Sara Klooster

Sara Klooster is a librarian living and researching in Fort Worth, Texas.

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