Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 129: Harriet Tubman



-Why this topic?



Background on the Sarah Hopkins Bradford biography of Harriet; why we read it and not a more recent biography



-Harriet’s childhood

-Harriet’s head injury and subsequent headaches/seizures, which is related to….

-Her visions and prophetic messages from God

-Harriet and the Underground Railroad

-Harriet’s Civil War service

-Her suffragist activism


Passing On

Katie: Carole Boston Weatherford’s children’s book Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom

Ilia: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and Shift7 has compiled a great resource for more information on women of color who worked as abolitionists, voting rights activists, civil rights leaders, and more.

Victoria:  Underground S2 Ep6, “Minty” (Available on Hulu and Vimeo) Review:


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