The Core Curriculum, Series 3, Episode 3: Sappho’s Epithalamia

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Grubbses Katie and David and Posses Jordan and Sarah discuss a number of Sappho’s poems about weddings:

  • “Idaos, Then, That Panting Messenger” (Lobel-Page 44);
  • “Carpenters, Raise the Rafter-Beam” (Lobel-Page 111);
  • “Blest Bridegroom, This Day of Matrimony” (Lobel-Page 112);
  • “The Ambrosial Mixture” (Lobel-Page 144);
  • “Because Once on a Time You Were” (Voigt 27);
  • “And May the Maidens All Night Long” (Voigt 30);
  • “It Would Take Seven Fathoms to Span” (Voigt 110);
  • “Because There Is No Other Girl Than She” (Voigt 113);
  • “Maidenhead, Maidenhead, Where Have You Gone?” (Voigt 114);
  • “May You Bed Down” (Voigt 126);
  • “Groomsmen, Kings with Bastions” (Voigt 161).



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