In this episode, your three intrepid Book of Naturists held forth on the subject of Thought – in the ideas surrounding the differences between and complementary natures of Abstract and Concrete thinking.  This episode lurches between the ideas of Plato and Piaget, Kant and others – so sit down with a beverage of your choice and listen to the discussion…. and let us know what you think!

Listen here, at this link

4 thoughts on “Book of Nature, Ep. 36: Adventures in Abstract and Concrete Thought”
  1. I’ve been really enjoying the episode, but your pronunciation of “Pirahã” threw me a bit. So, I’ll offer a short and (I hope) helpful pronunciation guide.
    First, the stress lands on the last syllable. Second, the orthography is essentially Portuguese, so you can get close by saying it more like “pee-dah-HUH.” Substitute a short trilled or flap “rah” for the “dah” if you can pull it off, but they should sound nearly the same.

    I look forward to your future episodes!

    1. Hi. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy this and others of our episodes! 🙂 The name of the course I was discussing is Paideia, not Pirahã. I’ve mentioned it here and there in the past – it’s a first-year course, taken by all undergrads at Luther, and the name is Greek (παιδεία), after the word for education. Sorry my mention of the word got you thinking Portuguese!

      1. No, I’m referring to a topic that Charles brings up around the 48-minute mark in this episode. He talks a bit about a people group in the Amazon who don’t have abstract numbers. I could be wrong about which group he’s referring to, so I apologize for any confusion if I misunderstood.

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