Christian Humanist Profiles 162: What Are Biblical Values?

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Alasdair MacIntyre’s books taught me over the years to attend to the history of our moral language.  In some places, at some times, humility will be a vice that signals a lack of concern for justice, and at others humility is a central virtue without which the other virtues cannot take their places.  And alongside virtues sometimes human communities speak of values, whether family values or individual values or corporate values. Things get especially weird when people start talking about Biblical values, and Dr. John J. Collins is here to talk about that oddity.  In his new book What Are Biblical Values?, Collins explores our own historical moment and specifically the ways in which public figures and political parties often ignore the content of the Bible in the rush to claim the Bible’s prominence for their own policy goals.  Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to welcome him aboard to talk about this new book.

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